Etude house 3 minute line review

Hey everyone!

I am sure all of you have those lazy or busy days when you are just not up for spending hours on your skincare routine but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pamper yourself. With the etude house 3 minute line you can get glowing skin in just 3 minutes. This line is enriched with the benefits of turmeric which is a known ingredient in Indian skincare.

Etude House – 3 Minutes Care In Shower Pack

INR 1,019 for 100g


  • Etude House 3 Minutes Care In Shower Pack is a jelly-type shower pack that instantly moisturizes to take care of tired skin while taking shower.
  • It is a high moisturizing gel type shower pack, only takes 3 minutes for skin caring.
  • Use it under showering, it can keep nourishing and purifying the exposed skin.
  • It contains calendula extract which can soothe the skin and turmeric extract which can soothe the exhausted skin and nourish the skin to bring back the vitality


This mask is like a quick fix for dry skin. You need to apply a thick layer of the pack on your skin and the mask does it work while you are in the shower. After 3 minute you can wash off the pack in the shower itself.

Initially I was skeptical about the mask staying under shower water but the texture of this mask is quite thick and sticky gel like because of which it adheres to the skin and doesn’t wash off

After using the product, my skin does feel slightly more soft and hydrated. I think this product will help with retaining skin hydration if used in the long run, maybe once a day or once every other day. But having it used once in a while, it’s only somewhat effective.

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Etude House – 3 Minutes Care In Morning Mask-30 pcs

INR 1,845


  • Only take 3 minutes on the morning to prepare your skin for make up quickly.
  • It is a fresh and light water essence type mask, let your skin absorb easily and leave it no stickiness.
  • With pumpkin extracts and allantoin ingredients, it can help with soothing and leaves the skin fresh and moisturized


Just like the shower pack these sheet masks also work in 3 minutes. However i like them much more than the shower pack.
I also really like the idea of this tissue pack sheet masks, I think it’s really innovative and also pretty eco-friendly since about 30 pieces of masks are fit into one packaging instead of having like 30 pieces of individual packets. The essence for the masks definitely is not richer or anything, but it does do a great job in providing moisturisation back into the skin.

The masks are thin and fit pretty well, it covers my whole face without having much extra edges hanging off. They are also fully soaked in the essence. After use, I feel that my skin definitely was helped in the dryness area and my face overall feels more hydrated. This mask is, however, more on the light side, suitable for daily use.

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